Pu foam

Pu foam

Pu foam

Andrebros PU foam is one component polyurethane foam, which is used preferable for insulation and in stallation in the construction sector. Applications can be filling cavities, break-through, cracks and gaps. Sound and heat insulation, bonding, fixing, mounting. Etc.

To use

1.Seals around windows, doors, siding and base board. 2.Fills cracks and joints, gaps around pipes, vents, utility 3.Seals and insulates gap between sole plate and concrete slab


Excellent adhesion on most substrates(except PTFE, PE and PP), High thermal and acoustical insulation, Very good filling capacities, Excellent mounting capacities, Excellent stability (no shrink or post expansion), Does not slump at low temperatures, Can be applied at frost temperatures, Very precise application due to the foam gun system


750ml:850g 500ml 500g 12/15pcs per Package

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