Mirror sealant

Mirror sealant

Mirror sealant

Andrebros mirro silicone adhesive and building sealant designed for gluing mirrors, laminates and glass mosaic, also in the mirror-mirror system. It has very good adhesion to typical building materials such as glass, metals, plastics, wood, brick, glaze, concrete, stone, ceramics, gypsum elements, etc. The product has a neutral hardening system. Solvent-free. It is flexible, durable and resistant to temperature changes: -40 to + 180 ° C and fungi, molds and UV rays.

To use

Our mirror adhesive does not corrode the mirror in any way. Adjustable and easy to use with standard glue guns for a strong bond. Ideal for mirrored walls in shops, restaurants, and gyms, this silicone sealant cures neutrally, making it ideal for placement. Do not use if the mirror has a plastic safety film on the back, mount all kinds of mirrors to walls, plaster, concrete, wood, doors, tiles, etc...


100% silicone, oil free, low odor, Ultra-low VOC emissions, Alcohol-free and benzene-free, non-corrosive


300ml:320g 12/24/25pcs per Package

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